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YTD83 Series—Pleated Membrane Cartridge

The YTD83 series ф83 high flux filter element has many kinds of membrane material qualities and many kinds of filter finenesses may select, has performance and so on high flow rate, low differential pressure, broad chemistry compatibility, uses in the liquid-crystal display production process the wet system regulation filtration, like ledger wall's clean, mechanical, DI water developing and so on, the discharge of water reaches as high as 100L/min

  • YTD83 Series
YTD83 Series—Pleated Membrane Cartridge
YTD83 Series high throughput filter cartridge has a variety of membrane material and filtering accuracy for you to choose. With high flow speed, low pressure difference, wide range of chemical compatibility features. It has excellent performance in LED monitor production of water usage filtration, during the production process of wet conditions. Such as the bottom board cleaning, the rigid, DI water flushing, etc., the water flow volume can reach 100L/min.
Performance features
1. Many membrane material and filtration accuracy to choose.
2. Large filtration area, long service life.
3. High flow volume, low pressure difference.
4. Low filtration cost.

1. Solvents and chemical raw materials
2. Ink and paint
3. High purity solution in electronics industry
4. High temperature liquid.

Technical parameter
       Filter cartridge structure        Filter area        ≥1.3㎡/10 inch
       Filter membrane        PP, PES, PTFE
       Guide layer     PP
       Inner support、end cap、shell      PP
       Seal ring material        Silicone rubber、Viton、EPDM、PTFE    
       Working situation        Working temperature        ≤90℃
       Maximum working pressure difference        0.4Mpa/23℃

Product type guide
Filtration Accuracy Length Connection Type Seal ring material
0010=0.1μm 05=5" 2=222 S=Silicone rubber
0022=0.22μm 10=10" 6=226 E=EPDM
0045=0.45μm 20=20" 15=215 P=PTFE
0100=1μm 30=30" DOE/SOE=Flat head with gasket V=Viton



Contact Us

Contact person: Frank
Tel: 86-311-66685291/66685292
Mobile: 86-18033765689
Fax: 86-311-66685290
Address: Fang Da industry zone building No.5, the 5th floor, No.266 Tianshan avenue, Shijiazhuang city, Hebei province, China

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