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The ventilation system Air Filter manufacture

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The ventilation system Air Filter manufacture

The ventilation system Air Filter core consists of a reinforced polyester fiber media bonded to an expanded metal support grid which is then Pleated, increasing the Filtration surface area to 3 times that of the face area.

The filter material is high quality synthetic fiber, which has many advantages:

1.large dust holding capacity and low resistance;

2.long service life and low cost;

3.humidity resistance up to 100%, temperature 80 degrees;

4. trapping particles, dust, and various suspensions of more than 5 m.

The ventilation system Air Filter

The features of the ventilation system Air Filter:

1.The frame is firm and movable.The filter is made of aluminium alloy board with firm framework and stable structure, ensuring that the filter is not deformed or damaged in the harsh working environment. Removable frame, makes the filter easy to change and achieve the purpose of frame reuse.

2.Filter reinforcement, further enhancing the robustness of the filter.

3.Used as first stage filters in air condition system and as pre filters in multilevel filtering system.

4.Suitable for high humidity conditions.

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