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Precise filter cartridge effectively removes emulsified oil

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Water is the hydraulic oil nemesis, usually we see the hydraulic oil emulsification is due to water pollution reasons, usually we will be through the bottom of the tank to put the water and some of the particles released, but a lot of water is dissolved in the oil, can put Out of the water is just free water only, the real killer is dissolved water and emulsified water. At the same time moisture can damage the molecular structure of additives, resulting in additive failure, the production of acid and other harmful substances. Water can directly lead to corrosion of machinery and equipment. By changing the performance of lubricating oil, resulting in increased viscosity, increased bubbles, etc., resulting in corrosion, oil film loss, cavitation and surface deposition and oil block and other problems, seriously affected the normal use of equipment, and sometimes cause significant machinery ACCIDENT.

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Precision filter cartridge to effectively remove the oil in the water, impurities; the product uses polymer absorbent material, ultra-precision filter material, can absorb the water in the oil, and is to emulsify the hydraulic oil in the water It is also difficult to escape the capture of polymer absorbent material, so as to achieve the ideal break the emulsified oil.

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