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Polyether sulphone liquid fine filter element

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First, product summary:
The polyether sulphone fold filter element uses imports the WPES pore membrane and the import adhesive-bonded cloth or the silk screen becomes for the support level fold, the filter element outer covering, the end cover are the polypropylene material quality, the filter element whole use the thermal melt to weld the technical formation, does not have the pollution, falls off without the medium.
Second, product characteristic:
1. has thermostable, the acidproof alkalinity good
2. filter diaphragm water affinity are good, the flux is big
3. falls off without the medium, conforms to the medicine, the food industry requirement
4 each filter element after complete instrumentation examination, and after high pure water developing
Third, application domain:
1. medicines and biological preparations terminal filtrations
2. terminal filtrations and so on tap water, drink, ultra pure water, wines
3. chemistry raw material filtration.

Fourth, product technical performance

Filter fineness: 0.22um, 0.45um, 0.65um
Filtration area: 0.65㎡/10 inch
Interception rate: 99.97%107CFU/c㎡
Operating temperature: ≤90℃ 0.2MPa
Antiseptic temperature: 121℃ 30min
May bear the differential pressure most greatly: Forward 0.42MPa,25℃,
Discharge of water: 0.22um≥12L/min,0.45um≥18L/min(0.2MPa)
Complete test: Most mean-spirited bubble point 0.22um≥0.3MPa,0.45≥0.18MPa., 0.65um≥0.12MPa

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