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Polyether sulfone liquid fine filter

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First, the product description:

Polyether sulfone folding filter using imported WPES microporous membrane and imported non-woven fabrics or wire mesh for the support layer folded, filter shell, the end cover are polypropylene material, the overall filter using hot melt welding technology, no pollution, no The media is off.

Second, the product features:

1. Has a good high temperature, acid and alkali resistance

2. Membrane hydrophilic, flux large

3. No media off, in line with medicine, food industry requirements

4 each filter by the integrity of the detector detection, and rinse with high purity water

Three, application areas:

1. Pharmaceutical and biological products terminal filter

2. Drinking water, beverages, ultra-pure water, alcohol and other terminal filter

3. Chemical raw material filtration.

 Fourth, product technical performance

Filtration accuracy: 0.22um, 0.45um, 0.65um

Filtration area: 0.65㎡ / 10 inches

Retention rate: 99.97% 107CFU / c㎡

Working temperature: ≤90 ℃ 0.2MPa

Sterilization temperature: 121 ℃ 30min

Maximum resistance to pressure: positive 0.42MPa, 25 ℃,

Water flow: 0.22um ≥ 12L / min, 0.45um ≥ 18L / min (0.2MPa)

Integrity test: the minimum bubble point 0.22um ≥ 0.3MPa, 0.45 ≥ 0.18MPa., 0.65um ≥ 0.12MPa

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