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Pleated Filter Cartridges supplier in China

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Pleated Filter Cartridges supplier in China

Shijiazhuang Yitong filter equipment manufacturing company is a Pleated Filter Cartridges supplier in China.

The filtration media of PP micropore filter cartridge is superfine PP fibre membrane. It is a fixed and depth filter cartridge with a wide range of pore size from 0.1um to 60um. It is the first choice of pre-filtration due to its unique low differential pressure, high flow rate and long service life feature. 


1.uses advanced synthetic pleated polyester filtration technology for a larger filter surface area

2.extensive applicability

3.longer cartridge life

4.higher flow rate, small resistance

5.Adopting the hot welding technique without binder and not carrying in any chemical pollutants

6.more efficient sediment filtration 

7.greater dirt holding capacity

8.lower pressure drop

9.possessing better performance of high temperature-resistance,acid and base resistance

10.The 100% synthetic cellulose-free pleated polyester media does not contain binders or additives.

11.With the pleated design,it offers larger filtrating area, longer filtrating life and also reduces the turnover rate and the cost for filters.



2. Food and beverage

3.Oil industry

4. Semiconductor

5.Chemical industry

6. Prefiltration for RO

7. Paints & Coatings

8. Cosmetics

9. Photographic solutions

10.Plating solutions

We insist on making the best  Pleated Filter Cartridges. If you are interested, please contact us.

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