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Liquid filter element's save and installment

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The filter element stores suitably in 0-30℃ the dry conditions, avoids the glare shining; Before the installment, please do not disassemble the packing; Before the use, exams filter element's packing to be whether complete.

1st, exams filter element's model to be whether correct
2nd, exams the filter element to be whether integrated
3rd, cuts the filter element packing bag bottom end, reveals 0 seal packing collars
4th, to avoid polluting, before filter shell filling, please not plastic sack detachment
5th, for ease of the installment, may use and the filtering medium compatable liquid (do not use low boiling point liquid) the moist 0 seal packing collars
6th, grips filter element's lower part, rotates in slowly the insertion shell socket
7th, after complete filter element installment, takes down the plastic sack, installs the filter outer covering
8th, carries on the essential swallow steam to be antiseptic
9th, tests filter's integrity

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