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Introduction of activated carbon filter

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Introduction of activated carbon filter

Activated carbon filter using activated carbon particles by adding a binder heated sintering. The innermost layer of the filter element is a polypropylene skeleton to enhance the compressive strength of the filter element. The skeleton has two layers of polypropylene ultrafine fiber mat, can intercept the liquid through the carbon core and bring out more than 10 micron particles. Carbon core outer layer contains two layers of polypropylene ultrafine fiber mat, can intercept the liquid more than 10-20 micron particles, so that the filter has a dual function of filtration and purification. The outermost layer is made of white plastic mesh, so that the filter element has a complete appearance with a neat appearance. Filter at both ends of the soft end of the rubber eye cover, so that the filter cartridge into the filter after a good seal. Finished activated carbon filter are tightly sealed with plastic film to prevent the filter is contaminated and keep the filter is often in a fresh state.

Activated carbon filter has a good adsorption, can effectively remove the residual chlorine in water, odor, color and organic matter.

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