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Installation and application of filter core of high efficiency filter

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Installation and application of filter core of high efficiency filter

1. all kinds of air filters, HEPA filter before installation, not allowed to tear up or open the packaging bag or packaging film by hand; air filters should be kept in strict accordance with the label filter on the packing box direction standard; the handling process of HEPA filter, should be handled with care, to avoid severe vibration and impact.

2. for high efficiency filters, the installation direction must be correct: corrugated plate combination filter in the vertical installation, the corrugated plate must be perpendicular to the ground; the filter is connected between the vertical and frame of the non leakage, deformation, breakage and leakage, after installation must ensure the wall cleaning, no dust, oil, rust and other debris..

3. test method: Observation of white silk or wipe check.

4. cleanliness level is equal to and higher than Grade 100 clean room using HEPA filter, installation should be in accordance with the clean room construction and acceptance specification [JGJ71-90] the method of leak detection, and meet the requirements.

5. when installing HEPA filter, the arrow on the frame shall be in accordance with the direction of airflow. When it is vertically installed, the direction of the filter paper should be perpendicular to the ground.

6. installation of rough, flat or folding filter, galvanized wire mesh should be in the direction of the back of the wind. If the bag filter is installed, the length of the filter bag should be perpendicular to the ground, and the bag can not be installed parallel to the floor;

7. under normal conditions of use, flat, folded or coarse filter, generally from 1 to March to replace one, the strict requirements of the region, can be replaced after the filter can be used with soapy water soaking and washing, and then dried and then replaced; general washing 1-2 times after the replacement of the the filter must be, to ensure that the filtration efficiency.

8. for the bag type coarse effect or medium efficiency filter, under normal service conditions (average 8 hours per day, continuous operation), generally use 7 - 9 weeks, that should be replaced by new.

9. for sub HEPA filters, under normal operating conditions (average 8 hours per day, continuous operation), generally use 5--6 months, should also be replaced.

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