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Industrial water filtration equipment Supplier

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Industrial water filtration equipment Supplier

Water filtering options can be used according to the filter media is divided into two categories: granular and film.The spacing between the discrete particles as pore filter media. The suspended solids captured by these filters will be collected at the top or in the hole of the filter medium to achieve purification.

In typical food and beverage facilities, there are many different water and process applications, each requiring its own specific level of purity. These can include:

Pretreatment of well, surface or urban water

Boiler water treatment

Condensation treatment

Processing water treatment

Cleaning and disinfection service water

Health service

Wastewater treatment.

No matter what the application is, it is likely that some type of industrial water filtration is needed to make food and beverage applications run at the highest efficiency.

Shijiazhuang Yitong filter equipment company specializes in the production of various kinds of filtering equipmentThe main products are:Industrial water filtration equipment, Pleated membrane filter cartridge,  Melt-blown filter cartridge, String wound filter cartridge, Metal filter cartridge, etc.. We provide products to meet international standard filter and "GMP" domestic standards.

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