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High Flow Filter Cartridge supplier in China

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High Flow Filter Cartridge supplier in China

The High Flow Filter cartridge has a 6 inch/152mm large diameter, and is coreless, single open-ended with an inside to outside flow pattern. The large diameter with big filter area can reduce the number of filter cartridges and the dimension of housing required. The end cap and the filter layer are made of hot soldering, there is no adhesive, so there is a wide range of chemical compatibility, can be applied in many fields. Besides, the long service life and high flow rate result in low investment and less manpower cost in many applications.


1.Length up to 70inch (1778mm),suitable for high flow/high contaminant applications

2.High mechanical strength, no distortion happen even in critical process conditions

3.Directly installed into existed housings, no need for any changes    


1.General water and R.O treatment

2. Food and beverage

3.Acid-base liquid in chemical processing

4.Industrial chemicals and organic solvents

5. Processing of sterile water and ultrapure water

6.Industrial water and plating liquid

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