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About US large

Q: Who am I (slogan and proclaim convey a message)
      Article: Chinese biggest distortion seam exporter        Advertisement language: One quality, calls US large       English: Global distortion seam plan provider

Q: Sells any product and service
      Produces: The distortion seam, the skid resistant strip, the scale division seam, the dustproof ground mat, kicks the foot line
      Clothing service: 10 year nature guarantees

Q: Which people my product and can the service help?
      Supposes counts the teacher, the construction contractor, the realtor, the repair company

Q: What problem can I help them to solve?
      The solution constructs the expansion displacement definitely, solves the staircase skid prevention security, clean flooring

Q: Why can select with us cooperates, but is not others (my unique selling point and superiority)
      I have pursued the quality, the dedicated product research and development, surpass 20 patents, 10 year nature guarantees

Q: Why to believe us (success case, client appraisal, social evidence and so on)
      In the country like the Nanjing Lukou Airport, the Hefei New Bridge Airport and so on certain large-scale airports, the super shopping center, the high-valence iron station, the underground station goods supply and installs the experience, constructs in the Asian biggest Nanjing high-valence iron south station had indicated that the width surpasses 1080mm the ultra width distortion seam, created the home biggest distortion seam crack width, the product has sold in distant markets Europe and America and the whole world surpasses more than 80 countries and the zone, in Pakistan in a biggest complex compound building program which constructed, I took charge of depending on the technology and the quality defeat the global production distortion seam to surpass 80 year American Famous CS Corporation as well as South Korean Corporation am selected, this project product according to the USThe ESTM standard passed 17 examinations, its expansion displacement achieves positive and negative 150mm, I take charge of the research and development the new aseismatic joint, carries on 500 rotational test consequent not to have any distortion, was precisely relies on the such high quality quality to conquer the British design team finally, this was company's pride, was also the Chinese Enterprise moves toward global the pride.

Q: Why purchases my product and the service immediately (call to action)
      US's design, the high quality quality control, the complete services structure, the ultra long nature guarantees, these other people could not give you, but we could

Q: You are not unnecessary to have any worry and the fear, we will undertake the responsibility for yours action (risk pledge)
      10 year nature guarantees
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