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Dust Removal Filter Cartridge for sale

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Dust Removal Filter Cartridge for sale

Shijiazhuang Yitong filter equipment manufacturing co., ltd is a famous supplier which dust removal filter cartridge for sale.Dust removal filter cartridge is a barred filter cartridge that made up of a certain stiffness of folding filter material and bond over the head and the tail .The cartridge install conveniently, it is acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, has large filtering area, high filtration efficiency, small resistance, can dealing with large air volume,has high strength, big tension, it improve the quality of powder production, some can be repeatedly washed, etc.Product advantages: cheap, guaranteed quality.

dust removal filter cartridge for sale

Dust filter cartridge Features:

1. Suitable for gas turbine, compressor, sandblasting, tobacco roll wire, fly ash, dust filter

2.import special air filter / dust filter paper to ensure that the filter effect

3. wide pleated design, large filter area

4. galvanized cap, not rust

5. galvanized diamond mesh center skeleton, high porosity

6。Special sealed closed-cell elastic neoprene

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