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Daily maintenance of water purifier filter element

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Daily maintenance of water purifier filter element

Water purifier filter Note:

1, the use of water purifier should always keep the reverse osmosis membrane filter in a wet state. If the reverse osmosis membrane filter dry, will lead to sharp decline in water production and can not be restored.

2, if you do not use the water purifier more than three days later, and then use the water purifier should be repeatedly washed back 2-5 minutes, until the water purifier within the exhausted.

3, in the use of the process, the tap water will be in the case of water, you must open the sewage faucet first water pipes within the sediment and rust, etc., and then open the use of purified water purification faucet.


To ensure that the filter life measures:

Satisfied is the basic prerequisite for the working life of the filter is the correct management of oil, the working life is only limited by the fine separation layer in the deposition of solid particles, the result is the pressure increase. Usually on time to replace the air filter and oil filter and maintain a certain time interval oil change, you can limit the dirt into the oil circulation loop, so you can do to reduce the dirt into the oil and gas separator, can directly extend the oil and gas separator filter Working life.

In summary, the water purifier filter replacement should be strictly in accordance with the instructions on the proposed time or half a year for the regular replacement of water purifier filter, otherwise it will cause secondary pollution, not only can not clean but harmful to the body.

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