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China Dust Removal Filter Cartridge Exporters

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China Dust Removal Filter Cartridge Exporters

Yitong company is a Dust Removal Filter Cartridge Exporters in China.Do you know the difference between Dust Removal Filter Cartridge and Bag filter?

1.Filter material characteristics:

Dust Removal Filter Cartridge: anti condensation, good permeability, superfine powder, fiber dust are not easy to penetrate

Bag filter: rough filter material, easy to stick dust, poor permeability, superfine powder, fiber dust easy to penetrate

2.Dust removal efficiency:

The dust removal efficiency of cartridge filter is as high as 99.7-99.9%, stable operation, can reduce the emission concentration, is conducive to the control of total emissions, suitable for high concentration conditions.

The dust removal efficiency of bag filter is not as high as that of cartridge filter, which is 99-99.5%, which is unfavorable to control the emission concentration and total emission, and is not suitable for high concentration operation

3.Dust collector resistance

Dust Removal Filter Cartridge collector resistance is low, the general dust: 1500Pa below

Bag dust collector resistance is large, general dust 1500pa sometimes higher


Dust Removal Filter Cartridge: shape size, weight, installation and assembly size is very small, light weight, can be unit combination, and can be combined with the main fan unit, the upper part of the dust collector without installation, easy to use, small space occupation.

Bag filter: the shape of large, bulky, for single equipment, the main fan for the installation of parts, occupying a large space, the upper 3M shall keep high drainage bag space

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