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Air foldaway filter element installment, operating instructions

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Air foldaway filter element installment

1st, exams filter element's model to be whether correct.

2nd, exams the filter element to be whether integrated.

3rd, cuts the filter element sack bottom end, reveals the O seal packing collar.

4th, to avoid polluting, before filter shell filling, please not plastic sack detachment.

5th, for ease of the installment, may use the lubricant (for example water, glycerine and so on) the moist O seal packing collar.

6th, grips filter element's lower part, inserts in slowly the shell socket, rotates the filter element to cause the lock catch gently to lock into socket's snap ring.

7th, after all filter element installment, takes down the plastic sack, fastens the clamp to be fixed, when fixed clamp, on the clamp pre-filter element the end surface must have the 2-5mm crevice, in order to avoid time online steam sterilizing, the filter element inflates creates curving.

8th, installs the filter outer covering. When necessity carries on the steam sterilizing.

Uses and safeguards

1st, the intake air filter should be dehumidify the non-oil the gas, the relative moisturizer should hold at 71%, enables the filtration effect to achieve the optimum condition.

2nd, the air strainer installs in the fermentation platform, the air outlet pipeline should install in the reliable check valve, in order to avoid in time power cut or misoperation, the fermentation fluid flows backwards into the filter to affect the production to continue to carry on normally.

3rd, presents the air strainer both sides differential pressure to achieve when 0.05MPa, the air flux large scale weaken, achieves the accumulation steam sterilizing number of times the situation, should replace the filter element.

4th, to guarantee the filtration effect, should simultaneously replace in filter's complete filter element.

5th, in the use process has any question, please relate with this professional

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