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Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge manufacturers

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Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge manufacturers

Shijiazhuang Yitong filter equipment manufacturing co., ltd is one of the most famous Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge manufacturers.Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge is shaped by extruding activated carbon fines and food-grade additives continuously, guaranteeing excellent absorbency of grained activated carbon, no release of carbon fines of bulk activated carbon, and it can efficiently remove harmful substance in the fluid such as heavy metal,pesticides,particicles,rust,residual chorine,odors etc.

Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge manufacturers


1. Integrate all the functions such as adsorption, filtering, intercept, catalysis as a whole.

2. Resisted from acid, alkali, salt and different kinds of organic solvents.

3.High filtering precision, large flow, small pressure discrepancy, high compressing resistance strength, large assimilative volume, non-toxic, tasteless, nosecondary pollution.

4. Convenient to install and uninstall.


1.Drinking water

2.Plating liquid

3.Food industry

4.Industrial water

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